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m Víos is proud to introduce Víos PHYTE, our new, plant-based phytonutrition supplement containing 
powerful, organic cereal grasses and their essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that promotes 
overall good health. Check out this special VIDEO MESSAGE from Víos lead product developer Dr. 
Gordon Tessler, PhD on this revolutionary new product. 
m Plants are the building blocks of life.  Whole-food, plant-based nutrition is the cornerstone
of a healthy lifestyle. That’s what we believe at Víos. That’s what we were founded on, and 
what we provide to our customers. Your life is hectic. You’re a young family running from 
school to sports to recitals and back again.

You’re a baby-boomer whose lifestyle takes advantage of all of the activities you missed 
out on during your career. You’ve earned it and want to enjoy it.  You’re a mid-level 
executive whose day goes from meeting to meeting, to the gym or recreational sports 
after work, and weekend excursions.  Regardless of where you are, life is propelling 
you forward.

m Víos is here to help you live your life to the fullest.  Most of us don’t have the time to give our body the nutrition 
that it needs. Your life keeps you on the go, and our nutrition options are often limited by accessibility.  At Víos, 
we believe that we have a symbiotic relationship with plants. Plants provide our bodies with the essential nutrients 
needed to keep us healthy and on-the-go. That’s why we develop whole food, plant-based nutrition supplements 
designed to give your body more of natural essentials it needs – in convenient, single-serve packets.

The key to a happy life is balance. To truly achieve your potential and get the most out of life, you need a healthy
mind, body and spirit.  At Víos, we’re here to help you get your body back in balance, through the tremendous 
power of phytonutrients. To find out more, check out our products below to find out Víos can help you get back 
on track to a healthier life!

m A key aspect of living The Víos Life is to help improve the communities where we live and serve, and to assist those 
who are less fortunate in the developing world. We are proud to partner with Hydrating Humanity, a faith-based 
non-profit humanitarian organization providing clean, safe water, hygiene training and hope for people in developing 

Each year, inadequate access to safe drinking water and improper sanitation cause an estimated 1.9 million deaths in 
developing countries, mostly among young children. Hydrating Humanity’s core purpose is to help connect resources 
to needs in developing nations throughout the world. It does this by first recognizing the strengths a particular 
community has, then partnering with that community to empower the people for a change, at a local level, that is 
sustainable long after Hydrating Humanity has left.

Víos is committed to supporting Hydrating Humanity’s critical mission. Each time a Brand Partner joins the Víos 
revolution, we provide six months of clean drinking water and hygiene training to a person in a developing nation, 
helping the organization to spread hope throughout the world.  For more information about Hydrating Humanity, 
please visit its web site.

m Welcome to The Víos Life! Víos is helping to lead a healthy revolution through organic, whole-food, plant-based 
phytonutrition supplements. We’re focused on providing the highest quality products to our customers in convenient, 
single-serve packets to give them the healthy nutrition they need, when they need it.

Want to join the Víos revolution? Are you a self-starter with a drive to succeed? Become a Víos Brand Partner today 
and begin living The Víos Life! Víos exists to serve the dreams and aspirations of our Brand Partners and their families 
by building brands and relationships within a culture for you to thrive! Our Brand Partners are the face of our company, 
and we are dedicated to ensuring they are interacting with the right customers with the right products.


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